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  • What’s cool with working at Allente is that you’re part of building something new; a new culture, new products and new ways of working. In my role in the growth team at Allente, I get the chance to work with projects that develop Allente to become the leading TV provider in the Nordics which inspires me more or less every day. Allente is a company with high ambitions which can be challenging from time to time, but with a dedicated and fun team I’m looking forward continuing on this journey with Allente.

    Vivianne Yance

    Head of OTT

  • One of the things I enjoy most about working at Allente is how you are valued for your skills, personality and strengths. Such a large company, which nevertheless manages to hold on to the important values needed to keep young forward-thinking leaders and employees hungry, simply impressive. If I am to highlight two things that are fun with the role I have today, it must be to have so many incredibly competent and experienced colleagues that I learn a lot from every day. And that as a young leader I have so much freedom and influence in such a large company as Allente is

    Shperblim Lipoveci

    Head of Sales, Allente Norway

  • I grew up watching so many movies and TV shows. Therefore, I am very excited be able to work at a company that offers such services. The most exciting part about my role, is the opportunity to work with various products, and that the day is never the same. There is a rewarding feeling about improving the user experiences of products that are used by many. Furthermore, I am lucky to be working alongside a supportive team, and helpful colleagues. I believe the great work-environment here at Allente makes the work better. Since I am just starting out in the UX-field, I know I will face many challenges. For example, figuring how to design the products to cater to all our user groups. Nonetheless, the challenges are what makes this role exciting!

    Rhea Marie Toling

    UX Spexialist

  • At Allente, we are on a unique journey as a company, with multiple complex and fun projects ongoing where we as employees are major contributors in shaping Allente and setting our direction. We operate internally with a fearless approach, can do mentality, and very supportive and encouraging culture across divisions and among so many talented people – And that is something we are proud of! The business environment we are within is characterized by being rapid, intense, and ever changing in context, that is of course a major challenge as things doesn’t always turn out as expected, but it also guarantees no day is the other like, and that is a key motivator for me!

    Oscar Nordstand

    Director of Procurement

  • One of the best parts of working in Allente is that I get a huge area of responsibility, combined with a lot of freedom and independence. Being responsible for all our people in two different countries, gives me exposure to such a variety of tasks, opportunities, and challenges. And this in turn makes me learn something new every single day, and develop both personally and professionally at a very rapid pace. I absolutely love it! But at the end of the day, my absolute favorite parts of Allente are all the great friends and colleagues I work with. Everyone is so supportive, engaged and welcoming, and that makes me extremely proud to be the Head of People.

    Mia Vangsgaard

    Head of People

  • What I do.I am supporting and guiding my colleagues through the sourcing process to find suppliers that best match Allente’s goals. Things move in a fast pace, I am empowered to drive and improve our ways of working while focusing into present solutions rather to passively wait that all get better. Great team work overall the organization where I feel truly listened and appreciated which makes my days enjoyable and full of energy. It will take a time until we are all settled after the merged. We are still migrating to new systems and developing our own tools, challenge is to keep us updated and to deploy information among different departments and align to have one single company culture ( values).

    Rubi Roberts

    Senior Sourcing Manager

  • Allente is a new company on the market. At the same time, our roots (Viasat and Canal Digital) are the oldest on the market. It is an exciting mix, at the same time as it is a challenge. In this way, we are both experts and upstarts, which in the long run can be translated as still stability and innovation. An exciting and challenging balancing act! Social media is also a changing place, at the same time as it is a place where lots of content fights for our attention. Succeeding in diversifying and daring to think differently is therefore always a challenge. This is where I see the very joy of my work: being creative, testing, measuring, improving.”

    Bettina Gerleman

    Market Content Specialist

  • I am at Allente because it's such a vibrant mix of Nordic company cultures. Allente has so many interesting projects for me as a privacy specialist being a new company, built on a solid foundation, and it gives me a unique chance to influence the privacy strategy from the very beginning. Implementing a complex legislation in a new company that obviously has a multitude of interesting and ongoing initiatives that are competing for the employee’s attention is a unique and exciting challenge for me.

    Kristín Snorradóttir

    Data Protection Officer

  • “I think Allente is a super exciting company to work with. We are in the middle of a technology shift we have the opportunity to shape, which provides a fast-paced working environment while working with highly competent people! It’s challenging but a lot of fun along the way!”

    Axel Elner

    Head of PMO and Transformation

  • As a Nordic Product Manager for the Access products I have been given the confidence to enable our connectivity expansion strategy with a wide range of responsibilities including Open Fiber in Sweden and Fixed Wireless Access in Norway as part of expanding our TV offering to new markets. At Allente you are a star from day one until you yourself proof otherwise. We aim to reach the stars to fulfill our ambitions on becoming the number one aggregator for TV and content in the Nordics with high quality access products with a desire to go beyond far which makes it even more fun to work at Allente.

    Leo Safford

    Nordic Product Manager

  • The best thing about working at Allente? The PEOPLE! The people I have already met at the office and online. I work closely with our CX-team and I am very happy working with that group of people. My manager, Rasmus, is a big influence in my well-being. We have a great understanding, a good dynamic and trusting foundation.

    Fredéric Jensen

    𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐫

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